Congratulations! You’re Up To Bat!

We are so excited you have taken the first step needed to join us. Now here is how things will play out from here.

  1. You will receive a confirmation email. Please confirm your subscription so you will get the follow-through emails we will send to you.
  2. Interview Call SetupYou will receive a call and/or a text from Kirt Whiteside or one of his daughters, our fearless leaders.  They will want to speak with you and your parent or guardian so that you can both ask as many questions as you need. If you want to speak to Kirt right now you can call or text him at 740-803-0279.   You can also use the link on this page to go ahead and SCHEDULE a call with you and your parents, so we can all discuss the next steps in your journey together.
  3. We want you to also visit our primary website by CLICKING HERE.  This has a LOT more information, testimonials, and a very descriptive FAQ Section for you to review.  You do NOT need to re-apply on that site. If you have received your confirmation email, then you are all set.
  4. Fundraising.  Once you have been interviewed and you are accepted for The Cup, our team will help you to get your free crowdfunding website up and running as soon as possible. Then you can begin to share the trip and ask your friends and family to help get you to The Cup!
  5. Get ready to compete and have “The Trip Of A Lifetime!”


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